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What we offer?

Command Handler

Handle all the commands with ease

Advanced command handling, arguments, multilanguage, slash commands, prefix commands, etc.

command handler illustration

Localization system

let your bot reach all corners of the world

Multilingual support is a valuable feature that allows reaching a global audience, improves accessibility and user experience, and increases competitiveness in the market.

command handler illustration

Database handler

Your server, your settings

The framework offers flexibility and convenience by allowing you to easily store any type of information in any database engine of your choice.

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API Handler

Serve info to third party apps.

The framework allows you to share information easily through a REST API, allowing you to connect applications and systems in an efficient and easy way.

command handler illustration

Not enough?

We have more features to offer.

Hot reloading

Modify a command and they will be reloaded automatically without having to restart the bot.

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D.R.Y. Principles

The framework is designed to be as DRY as possible, allowing you to reuse code and keep your codebase clean. This is achieved by implementing an event handler, command handler, localization handler and a lot more.

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Great CLI

The framework comes with a great CLI that allows you to create commands, events, and more with ease. It boilerplates the code for you and even allows you to create a new project.

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Error handling

Built-in error handling and logging for better debugging and troubleshooting.

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Next steeps?

We don't stop here, we are working on new features and improvements to make the framework even better.
Here are some of the things we are working on

rate limiting and throttling to prevent abuse of bot commands
Integration with error managers like sentry
Analitycs system. track usage and data about your bot
Test system for automated unit tests

Why trust us?

We have been working on our own technology for years, but after two years of effort, we realized that we needed a solid and reliable base to continue. That's when we started working within the Zumito framework.

We are a team with a 'dogfooding' philosophy, that is, we use our own technology to make sure it is of high quality before offering it to other developers. This allows us to be sure that we offer an exceptional and reliable tool for developers looking to build quality bots. Our experience and dedication are the guarantee that our technology is reliable and secure. Give it a try and check it by yourself.


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Frequenty asked questions

What is Zumito?

Zumito is a framework for Discord bot development. It is built on top of Discord.js and provides a lot of features to make your life easier.

Why should I use Zumito framework?

Zumito is built with the developer in mind. It provides a lot of features to make your life easier. It also has a lot of documentation and we are working on make a great community.

How do I get started?

You can get started by reading the documentation. You can also join our Discord server to get help from the community.

Can i contribute to the project?

You can contribute by reporting bugs, suggesting features, or even by contributing to the codebase. You can also join our Discord server to get help from the community.